Financial Demons

There is a well-known story of Adam and Eve. In the story, Adam fellow shipped with God without any desires or concerns. When Eve entered the story, she desired to eat a forbidden fruit. Once Adam and Eve ate the fruit. That was the beginning of financial demons. We all have desires that when not controlled lead us into making poor financial decisions. Financial demons can stem from your childhood. You may not have grown up wearing designer clothes or shoes. Once you became an adult, you made sure to buy those things. However, by not having those items, does that mean you had a bad childhood? The common answer is, “No”. Your parents still provided a home and food for you. It is okay to buy and desire quality items. It is not okay to sacrifice you or your family’s future just to have “stuff”.Beyond the material items, parents spend hundreds of dollars on the monthly basics, including extracurricular activities for their children.Often, children are participating without the desire or talent to play the sport, instrument, etc. I agree that exposure for your children is needed, just be mindful of the expenses and your financial future. Have you identified your financial demons? We all have them. I control mine by asking,” Does this item or activity provide any type of enhancement to my family or myself?” If it doesn’t, it is a financial demon trying to throw me off the path to greatness. What demons are preventing you from being the best version of you?

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