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Membership is designed for the individuals and families looking to take control of their financial future. This membership focuses on budgeting, saving, retirement planning, credit and tax consultation.
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This plan focuses on establishing the business structure bookkeeping, marketing plan, business credit consultation and taxes.
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The book contains information on how to budget and save, develop good financial habits, credit management, how to leverage financial products, and prepare for retirement.



Wealth and Legacy Workshop

The workshop is a live presentation of module 1-3. Optional package includes a copy of the Wealth and Legacy workbook and three month membership to Wealth Education Academy for each attendee. To schedule a workshop for your organization contact

Module 1

Establish a Need
Create a Budget
Savings Plan

Module 2

Debt Elimination
Overhead Deduction
Financial Demons
Amortization Chart

Module 3

Credit Reporting Agencies
Credit Dispute