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Due to the rapid change in today’s economy, we are being faced with planning and managing our own finances and retirement. Some people have invested time and money with financial advisors. Some have taken the “do it yourself-approach.”  Both receiving mixed and unsustainable results. Others have become professional bill payers and adopted the “I will die at work attitude.”

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Our membership program puts you first. Regardless of your income level, we work with you to put together a financial plan to meet your needs now and in the future. Click learn more to get started today.

Our workshop is a live presentation of modules 1-3 of the Wealth and Legacy Workbook. Pricing includes a copy of the workbook and a 3 month membership to Wealth Education Academy. Click learn more for pricing and scheduling.

Tune in as we provide you with insight from other leaders in business discussing how they got started, trends in business, finance, and other important topics. 

This program consist of our workbook and video, which contains information on how to budget and save, establish strong financial habits, credit management, how to leverage financial products, and prepare for retirement. Click learn more to pre order your package today.